This is the form we passed out to teachers who participated in the Penguin Palooza Project.

These are comments from some of the teachers who were a part of the Penguin Palooza Project.
The wiki was a great place to go to for resrources because it was loaded with everything we needed.

I liked having the students take home the stuffed penguin and write about what they did together.

Our kids loved making the digital projects like paper slides, Smilebox, and Zooburst.

I liked the Penguin Palooza wiki and how it allowed the information to be right at the student's fingertips.

The kids loved all of their learning coming together in their Penguin Palooza performance.

The students enjoyed their research with the videos and finding information about their own penguin.

We sent how to web address to the wiki so the parents could work with the kids on additional penguin research.

Our students were very excited about researching and learning about REAL penguins.

It was great to have all the resources in one location on the wiki. It was easy to share with the parents for a home-to-school connection in their learning.

The students loved learning about Lucky and Pierre.

My students loved the digital storytelling festival.